International Trade Training

WTC Twente provides the essential skills and knowledge of international business
'Starten in Duitsland' - Practical Training

The  ‘Starten in Duitsland’ practical training is a programme for entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business to Germany. The 5 coaching trainings give you a guide how to make business more successful, look at the sustainability on your own products, services and business goal.

Each training discusses doing business in Germany, understanding of the German market and identifying its potential competitors and customers of your products, learning German business culture, financial , duties, taxes and standards. Experienced Dutch businessmen who successfully entered German Market share their experience and tips with the participants.

The highlight of this programme is writing a concrete business plan.  A well written business plan is important and it clarifies your business direction throughout the business expansion.  Your business plan will be evaluated by a group of professionals and entrepreneurs. In addition, personal business consulting can be arranged to discuss your business strategy, priorities and implementation.

For more information and registration, please contact us.

‘Starten in Duitsland’ is organized by the WTC Twente in collaboration with the Center for Marketing Projects (CMP) and Achterhoek Business School.

Masterclasses, Webinars & Workshops

WTC Twente organizes masterclasses and workshops regularly. Topics such as how to do business in China, Germany or other international business related subject will be discussed in the masterclasses. Furthermore, workshops for export finance and international trade fair participation are available too.

Guide to doing business around the world

WTC Twente organizes several seminars periodically for experienced and new entrepreneurs with our global business partners e.g. Germany and Turkey.


Knowledge of doing business abroad is absolutely essential to makes sure your exporting and expansion efforts pay off. WTC Twente and the business partners will empower you to achieve your business goals. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any inquiry.