The 2nd International Business Forum was held on 14th October 2015.  More than 20 delegations were successfully introduced to each other at the 1st International Business Forum in 2014. Almost 200 talks were arranged to discuss over the potential possibilities for doing international business.

Target Audience

This business matchmaking is predominantly for business in industry field, trade, transportation and logistics. The programme focuses on the sectors that are strongly representing Eastern Netherlands and other  sectors related to it such as  food & agriculture,  infrastructure & construction, high technology, energy, automotive, life science & health, manufacturing, IT & Telecom and renewable energy.

Promote Global Trade

Networking is part of the key success factors in business. Foreign trade opportunties in exchange for products or services are discussed with Dutch companies. This leads to an increased efficiency and also allows more local companies to participate in a global economy, encouraging the opportunity of foreign direct investment (FDI). IBF has turned out to be the excellent opportunity to promote global trade. Your company will be definitely benefited from joining the IBF to expand your business to global markets. WTC Twente organizes business matchmaking and also seminar for doing business across borders. You will be guided in financial and legal aspects. Got to know all these essential information before starting to increase the chance for a successful venture.

‘Im glad to be part of the event. It is well organized and seems to be a great initiative for international trade opportunity.  Together with Argentina and Uruguay, we present the opportunities for investment and trade in Latin American countries.’ – The Trade Commissioner of the Guatemala Trade & Investment Office in The Netherlands, Mrs. Claudia de León Aguirre. 

‘It is facinating to have a chance to speak with many foreign delegates within a short period of time. WTT is a renowned and experienced supplier of high-tech waste treatment solutions and we have a stong interest in the field of recycling. I find IBF is an informative event and it is our pleasure to participate.’ – Senior Sales Engineer  from Waste Treatment Technology, Mrs. Marieke Kromkamp.

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