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About Energy Group

The Energy Group has with more than 20 companies from Twente and EUREGIO that are active. All the active members are end-users, internationally-oriented and complement each other to optimise their business activities. The group is a combination of non-renewable and renewable energy with a shared goal of gradual sustainability of the economy. The mission is to create an awareness of the Energy Group and to be known on the map. Due to the distinctive nature of its innovative products and services, the group is able to generate more business, increases the quality of the turnover and contribute to sustainability.


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Our Members

Holland-Controls B.V.
Howden Netherlands
Koolen Industries
Mechanische Industrie Menzing B.V.
Moekotte Elektro
Stichting OICAM
ROSEN Europe B.V.
Twence B.V.
Twentsche Kabelfabriek
VDL Energy Systems

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