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Welcome to a network of international business contacts!

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Welcome to a Network of International Business Associates!


Business Consultation

  • We are able to prove the necessary and exact information for you through the access to the global World Trade Center Association (WTCA)


  • We match your business with the right potential company who seek to collaborate for mutual commercial benefit

Trade Missions

  • We organise group mission with the purpose of expanding your business globally. For more information, click here

The cost of the membership depends on the number of employees in your organisation and you have to the right to decide who has the right to enjoy the benefits. It must be noted that The European Transport region Twente (ETT) joined the WTC Twente on 1st January 2009 and thus, the former ETT members are now members of the WTC Business Club.

*This excludes VAT and your membership is automatically renewed unless we are informed in advanced

**It must be reminded that the board of the WTC Twente Business Club has the right to refuse a membership application and limit the number of companies in each sector


If you are interested to join WTC Twente Business Club, please apply for membership by filling out this webform.

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Welcome to our business network!

You will receive instant access to our news and annoucements, event admissions, global network, discounted service and more.


How are the membership fees calculated?
The membership fee is determined based on the employees from EUREGIO.
Can I request for additional Clubcards?

Yes, you can request additional Clubcards by upgrading your membership. Additional clubcards costs €225 per year and provides access for more members.

Is the membership automatically renewed?

Yes, the membership will be automatically renewed and annual membership can be terminated if informed before October 1st.