Twente, The Netherlands – It is getting more and more companies choose World Trade Center Twente as a base for their international expansion. An agreement was signed with German Profi Metall & Technik GmbH and TAAL Tech respectively early this year .

Werstep Clean – Germany

Profi Metall & Technik is a German company located in Stadtlohn that is active in the metal and powder coating industry. Their business is further expanded by establishing a new company in The Netherlands, Werstep Clean BV. They have patented a round filter system developed under the name of Werstep Clean. This system works for filtering the air drawn from so-called ‘dry coolers’. These are air-cooled chillers used on the roofs of supermarkets, exhibition halls, meat processing enterprises, data centers and hotels.

TAAL Tech – India

TAAL Tech India is a specialized provider faster innovation and technological excellence by providing customized product engineering services, R&D services and IT services to customers. The high quality engineers, proactive support, professionalism and flexible business models are the hallmark of their solutions. The Dutch TAAL Tech BV will focus specifically on developing, producing and publishing standard software in the field of engineering solutions, information technology and consultancy and management solutions. The establishment of TAAL Tech BV in the WTC Twente is the result of close collaboration of the East Netherlands Development Agency  and the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency.

Flexspots in WTC Twente

Werstep Clean and TAAL Tech utilize the facilities of WTC Twente for leasing out so-called ‘flexspots’ – workstations with flexible contracts. The target audiences are Dutch companies that operate internationally and foreign companies that see The Netherlands as the regional hub for business expansion across Eruope. Tenants can use WTC Twente as their primary business address, mailbox facilities and free Wi-Fi. In addition, they can The companies can enjoy wide range of services offered by WTC Twente.


About World Trade Center Twente

The WTC is part of the World Trade Centers Association ( WTCA ) with more than 300 offices in nearly 100 countries. The objective of the WTCA is to promote international trade. The WTC Twente achieves this through the WTC Twente Business Club and the WTC Twente International Business Information Centre ( IBIC ), where companies can direct all their questions regarding international trade. Worldwide, more than 750,000 companies are affiliated with the World Trade Organization. This WTC focuses on the themes of knowledge and technology. The service area includes the Dutch and the German part of the Euregio, including the cities of Münster and Osnabrück.


■  Freerk Faber MA,  Director of World Trade Center Twente

    Contact : +31 74 2915604


■  For inquiries on TAAL Tech, please contact Mr. Henk Ligtenberg, East Netherlands Development Agency,

  Contact : +31 53-8516851.


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