Marie-José Nassette

Coordinator Business Centrum

More and more companies are choosing East Netherlands as a location for international expansion since WTC Twente and East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) set up a soft landing program for foreign companies in the Netherlands. Already a company from India and five South African companies have chosen WTC Twente to establish themselves successfully. Why is East Netherlands so interesting for foreign companies’ expansion?

The answer is clear: The business climate in the east of the Netherlands is absolutely ideal. Especially when SMEs and startups are active in high-tech sectors and are characterized by their drive for product development and innovation. The companies want to expand internationally and the chosen location should function as catalyst. For that the Dutch region Twente has an ideal business climate: Twente (in Eastern Netherlands) has a tech ecosystem of companies, the University of Twente with its Kennispark Where Science Becomes Business’, the International School and the World Trade Center Twente with its Expat Center.

The World Trade Center Twente is the place where companies physically land and where they facilitate the accommodation and start-up of business and operations. Our WTC literally ensures a soft landing and also shows newcomers the way with practical support. In addition, the expat services of the Expat Center East Netherlands from the WTC and the existing international trade network of both East NL and WTC Twente clearly add value for the companies. East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) guides you through the entire Soft Landing program with the service providers: from identifying companies that want to grow in Europe, actually establishing them, to introducing them to the East Netherlands network. In this they work closely together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).

The new companies utilize the facilities of WTC Twente for leasing out a (shared) office or so-called ‘flexspots’: workstations with flexible contracts. The companies gain an establishment address at WTC Twente, and their own mailbox or get their mail digitally forwarded. Of course there is free Wi-Fi available. The companies can also make use of the wide range of services of World Trade Center Twente, as well as a lot of relevant knowledge using their relevant, global network of businesses through WTC’s wordwide.

So is your company looking to expand to Europe? Do you want to establish a legal structure and know more about the benefits of the Netherlands and how we are structured? Or is your company looking to work with innovative counterparts from the Netherlands? Contact us, because it is the first step that starts the journey!

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