Discover New Markets

The WTC Twente is an organisation that gives support by offering services such as country-specific analysis and specific training to companies wanting to explore new markets. Due to our extensive regional and international network, we can effectively give the proper information about the local markets and the help of a smooth approach.

Find a Business Partner

The WTC Twente is a trustworthy informant to find reliable business partner globally and assist foreign companies to find Dutch business partners by using our WTC Matchmaking Tool. This tool allows companies to get to know their partners personally on incoming and outgoing trade missions. We have an extensive, worldwide network of 300 World Trade Centers and the associated companies that will ensure in finding the right business partner.

Establish and expand internationally

Is your company looking to expand to Europe? Do you want to establish a legal structure and know more about the benefits of the Netherlands and how we are structured? Or is your company looking to work with innovative counterparts from the Netherlands? Then you should establish your company by a ‘soft landing’ in our business center. Together with East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL) we help you to grow your business. Choose your flex office or virtual office and use our wide range of facilities and services. Welcome to the Netherlands!

Rent your work space

The WTC Twente offers you offices, flexible working spaces and meeting rooms that can be rented out. Our business center is an international, representative, highly facilitated and diverse place where entrepreneurs, government organisations, services and professionals come together. Join us!


Are you an Expat?

Our Expat Center East Netherlands is accessible to provide any assistance to international individuals and companies. We work in collaboration with Immigratie- en Naturalisatiedienst (IND) and the municipality. Every Monday, we are available in the Stadskantoor Enschede for information and support.


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For rent: centrally located office in World Trade Center Twente

For rent: centrally located office in World Trade Center Twente

Full-service office concept with international allure Wherever in the world you come, a World Trade Center is a special place. Although every WTC building has its own charm, they also have one thing in common: they are striking hotspots in the regions they...

8-15-16 November 2018 Business German for Entrepreneurs

8-15-16 November 2018 Business German for Entrepreneurs

Is the communication with your German business partners a bit stiff, because you do not have enough knowledge of the German language? Or are there misunderstandings because you know too little about German culture and the way you do business? Our German neighbors...

World Trade Day!

World Trade Day!

Interesting workshops, info-points, international guest speakers, customized advice and matchmaking sessions with 15 embassies one afternoon! Welcome to our global network. Following the International Business Forum 2016 and to ensure that the official opening of our...

World Trade Center Twente
The goals of the WTC Twente is the exchange of knowledge and boost economic activities in the region and to promote international activities. To reach these goals, we support companies from the east of the Netherlands and near the Dutch-German border (e.g. Münster and Osnabrück) by offering trade information, training, and meetings.
World Trade Centers in the Netherlands
The Netherlands has twelve WTCs that work in collaboration to enhance the WTC spirit. In addition to trade information and trade missions, the Dutch WTCs jointly offer a coaching program for beginners in the international market: Starters International Business (SIB). More information can be found on the WTC Netherlands website.
World Trade Centers Association
We are proudly one of the twelve Dutch WTCs that are part of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). This association has over 300 establishments in almost 100 countries with the main objectives of promoting global trade and creating one business network. There are over 750,000 companies and institutions connected to the WTC organisation worldwide.

Trade Information

Our in-depth market research and country-specific analysis provide solutions for your business needs in exploring new market opportunity thanks to our one worldwide network of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA).

Business Club

Find the right business partners in the EUREGIO through our Business Club Members with more than 150 members across various industries. Contact WTC office for more information.

Trade Missions

The WTC Twente organizes international trade missions with its partners. In both incoming and outcoming missions, regional companies are given the opportunity to explore international markets with potential new partners and customers.

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