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Smart machining has been a core feature of ALMI’s business operations for many years. The primary focus is on THE quality and process management. These two policy instruments are very closely interrelated in practical terms. ALMI has been manufacturing unmanned processing machines that can operate 24/7 for more than 20 years. Welding robots have also been deployed for more than 30 years.

Furthermore, we have continuously invested over the years in our employees , particualrly in the proramming of advanced processing machines. ALMI works with pallets fitted with zero-point clamping systems and radio frequency identification chips (RFID chips). This enables the operators to considerably reduce the clamping times and start-up times.


Wierdenseweg 82-86
7671 JK Vriezenveen

T: +31(0)546-56 13 53
E: info[at]almi.nl 


ALMI in RTV Oost programe 'Stand van Zaken'

The ‘State of Affairs’ TV show is a television program which Jan Medendorp  presents the business in our province to the world. SMEs and Overijssel family business were showed in the program too besides multinational companies.

The program is available at here.


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