Beijer Transport & Logistics BV

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Beijer Transport & Logistics

Beijer Transport & Logistics is an independent, international expediter located in Oldenzaal by providing storage and logistics services within The Netherlands and throughout Europe. We make it our job to deal with literally all the arrangements around this transport, from storage to distribution, from insurance to labelling, from planning to invoicing if required. We stand for reliability, flexibility, innovativeness and quality.


Beijer Transport & Logistics BV
Kampenstraat 21
7575 AP Oldenzaal

T: +31 (0) 541 58 25 55
E: info[at]

Quality is Our Starting Point

The term ‘logistics’ can be a little prone to being misunderstood. A number of people think it is purely a matter of transport from A to B and that’s all, whereas, at least in our case, it goes so much further.Our strength is the fact that we take the long view, looking beyond today’s market. Continuous investments in storage capacity, transport and communication methods ensure that we continue to perform optimally. Even more important, Motivated, skilled employees and regular training contribute to the strength of our service. This is our starting point for quality.

Onze diensten

We verzorgen voor uw producten de distributie. In onze moderne op- en overslagloods in Oldenzaal kunnen we goederen opslaan en op afroep distribueren binnen Nederland en daarbuiten. Ompakken, etiketteren, voorraadadministratie en facturering behoren tot de mogelijkheden. Dankzij vergaande automatisering blijven de papierrompslomp en tijdrovende procedures beperkt tot het minimum.