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BTG Biomass Technology Group

BTG Biomass Technology Group BV (BTG) is specialised in the process of conversion of biomass into useful fuels and energy. We have developed to one of the leading companies in bio-energy, biofuels and bio-materials by providing consultancy, developing projects and conducting research and technology development (RTD).

BTG BioLiquids is a pyrolysis technology provider. Our technology efficiently converts most types of non-food biomass into a second generation bio–oil within two seconds. The success of the Empyro project as the first leap towards full-scale fast pyrolysis technology commercialization.


BTG Biomass Technology Group BV
Josink Esweg 34
7545 PN Enschede

T: +31(0)53 486 1186
E: office[at]btgworld.com



Pyrolysis Oil Production Plant in The Netherlands

Construction of Empyro BV began in January 2014 at Hengelo (situated in the eastern part of the Netherlands). The installation was commenced in early 2015. Production is since then gradually increased with a total annual production capacity of 20 million liter pyrolysis oil.


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