Daussiny Laser Welding

Daussiny Laser Welding

Daussiny Laser Welding is an innovator in the pillowplate heat exchangers market. We use the highest level of laser welding technology to produce top-quality pillowplates. Moreover, you will be amazed by our fast delivery times. Daussiny Laser Welding guarantees quality. As an ISO-certified company, we only use materials that satisfy the highest requirements. Moreover, our many years of experience with the laser welding process enable us to guarantee a top-level product.

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Contact info:

Daussiny Laser Welding B.V.
Handelskade Noord 1
7547 AV  Enschede

T: +31 (0) 53 20 30 670
E: info[at]pillowplate.com



Fast Delivery Time

The extensive stock and the collaboration with Richter Steel Service (‘Richter Staalservice’) that performs the laser cutting in-house straight away, enables Daussiny Laser Welding to obtain the basic materials extremely quickly and to offer extremely fast delivery. Delivery after 7 working days is not a problem for Daussiny Laser Welding.

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