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Dutch Greenroof

Dutch Greenroof is a commercial nursery in green roofs. Our product range includes sedum mats, plugs and sprigs. Our quality standards are high. By growing our sedum products ourselves, we can guarantee its quality. There is an increasing interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly entrepreneurship. With a green roof or green wall, you make a good as well as a beautiful contribution to the environment. Research has shown that a green roof already pays for itself after 4 or 5 years through a reduction in energy costs. Garden substrates, various types of drainage mats, eaves profiles and etc. It starts with the sowing of the plants and it is ready for use after a year then delivered as a mat or plugs. We also grow in containers, such as the ECOPAN system and the Topgreen system, with which we can plant on a sloped roof.


Dutch Greenroof
Oude Stationsweg 8
7451 ME Holten

T: +31 (0) 548 36 36 79
E: info[at]dutchgreenroof.nl



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