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Electromach, part of the R Stahl Technology Group is an independent company and not linked to any specific brand. This enables us to provide the best possible system solutions to any international standard.  Electromach is experienced in engineering & manufacturing, explosive safe components and control systems, which are applied in areas where gas and dust explosions may occur. We are definitely your right partner in oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industry like refineries and oil rigs.



(subsidiaries of R. Stahl Technology Group)
Jan Tinbergenstraat 193
7559 SP Hengelo

T: +31(0)74 247 24 72
E: info[at]electromach.nl



Pump Control on the Edge

Electromach has developed a solution for a special offshore pump system. We ran into location and maintenance challenges after an examination. 36 pump control panels are placed on the edge of an offshore platform in Saudi Arabia. Our projects are customer-oriendted and every project covers the development of application software, manufacture, assembly, testing and on site commissioning along with the accessory piles of complicated paperwork.


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