FireFlash Mobiel Oefenen

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FireFlash Mobiel Oefenen

FireFlash provides  customized training and supports for fire fighters,  operators and emergency response team. We have produced mobile fire training units that have become the main stream in providing live fire training at any place. It is designed to help companies, fire department or any other emergency response agencies, to save time and money and increase efficiency, safety and effectiveness. Trainings are delivered under realistic and intense condition and cater for everyone. We provide useful and meaningful knowledge of fire prevention into your everyday practice.


FireFlash Mobiel Oefenen
Odensestraat 4
7559 JM  Hengelo

T: +31 (0) 6 10 90 48 39
E: info[at]

Practical Training is Our Strength.

Our training is more specialized and there is less theory input and more practical hands on. It persuades candidates to self-reflect and encourages how you would react on certain situations. Understanding towards reflection and critical thinking of fire prevention will be developed.


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