Gullimex BV

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Gullimex BV

We supply various measuring equipments to diverse sectors, such as foods, pharmaceutical, medical, ceramic composites, synthetic, coating inspections, steel, transportation and construction. In addtition, we specialize in temperature and humidity measurement. With many years of experience and specialist knowledge, we own numerous brands in the market for instance, Ebro, Atago, Ellab, Micro-Sensys, Euroscan, Dansensor, Datapaq, Rmoni, Hygiena, Byk, Swema, TempWeb, TempPin, TempMitter en TempCube.

Our product innovation and customer-centric business culture have brought us to be the market leader in Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands en Luxembourg). Our expertise and quality management system are certified by TÜV (formerly known as TNO) in May 1996 and awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Certification.


Gullimex BV (NL)
Oostermaat 7
7623 CS Borne

T: +31(0)74 265 77 88
E: info[at]

Gullimex BV (BE)
Oudenaardsesteenweg 404
9420 Erpe-Mere België

T: +32 53 80 97 54
E: info[at]


Cooperation with Atago Co., Ltd (Japanese Company)

We are the only distributor and authorized service center for the refractometers products manufactured by Atago since April 2014. Our employees followed an intensive service and product technical training at company headquater in Tokyo and also at its factory in Fukaya.



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