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KroeseWevers is a business advisory company that offers accountancy and tax advice along with related finance advice to entrepreneurs. We are a multidisciplinary team where each expertise assists our clients professionally and contributes to the company’s achievement.  We enforce efficiency and effectiveness by offering tailored solution to our clients in a most personal and flexible solution.

Proactive advice that looks into the future

We aim  to help our clients to achieve long term business financial ambitions. Our customized approach gives you a clear focus on the future. This has allowed us to be the proactive financial partner you are searching for. From figures to vision, from vision to future.

Cross Border Business Advice

We provide assistance on these aspects: company relocation, overseas office and establishment, offshoring and cross-border transactions. We support your business together with Nexia International (Nexia International is a leading worldwide network of independent auditors, business advisor and consultants in financial services industry.) We can definitely give you a hand in solving cross-border business issues.

Internationaal Ondernemen

KroeseWevers is located in the Almelo (in Twente), neighbouring Achterhoek, Drenthe and Salland, serving national as well as international clients. With our worldwide network, we are definitely simpply reachable, from local to global.

Every business is different and requires diverse approach. Providing high quality knowledge and a personal approach to your business is our objective. We aim to empower your organization and ambition for continuous development by optimizing your financial performance, always with an eye to the future.


KroeseWevers Accountants en Belastingadviseurs
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