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Oost NV

Oost NV (East Netherlands Development Agency) is an agency primarily focuses on boosting the economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overissel, The Netherlands. We are commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and involve in innovative business development in East Netherlands. Come to us if you are an entrepreneur in innovative products and services. Our specialists can advise you which area in Gelderland and Overijssel is the best to start your business.

The Participation Agency East  Netherlands NV (PPM Oost) is a  division of Oost NV and it plays a role in innovative companies and fund management. Agri-Food, Life Sciences & Health and High Tech as well as manufacturing industries are the strongest sectors in East Netherlands. Oost NV supports and fosters innovation, investment and internalization in your business. We have been assisting local companies as well as international companies who are interested to expand their business activities and seek cooperative relationships with other companies. Our service is definitely confidential and complimentary.


Oost NV (Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Oost Nederland NV)
Hengelosestraat 585
7521 AG Enschede

T: +31(0)53 851 68 51
E: info[at]oostnv.nl



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East Netherlands is an outstanding place to begin for a dynamic growth in Life Sciences & Health cluster. Oost NV provides guidance to international companies that wants to establish businesses in The Netherlands, but also offers services and gives access to their international network to Dutch companies that are exploring global market.

Apart from searching new R&D or production partners, building collaborations funded by European funding and discovering new markets, Oost NV also offers professional services and networks in United States and Asia in addition to the largest market for Healthcare and Life Sciences products in Europe, Germany.

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