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About Power-Packer Europa B.V.

Power-Packer, with headquarters in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, is a market leader in motion control systems. As an independent subsidiary of the US based Corporation Actuant Power-Packer supplies specialized high-quality products, which include the development and manufacturing of manual and electro-hydraulic actuation systems for a large number of applications in the automotive, truck, agriculture, marine and medical market. We specialize in custom-made solutions for mobile applications, such as hydraulic actuation systems for convertible tops, trunks, tilting truck’s cabin, stabilization systems, adjusting medical equipment, opening, closing and locking marine doors, adjusting masts, mooring gangways and emission control systems.


Power-Packer Europa B.V.
Edisonstraat 2
7575 AT  Oldenzaal
The Netherlands

T: +31(0)541 584 500
E: marketing[at]

Worldwide markets

Working for world markets means being able to operate efficiently as a business partner worldwide – that’s why we have a Global footprint of manufacturing facilities across Europe, Asia, North and South America. Our sales offices are located in: The Netherlands, United States, Spain, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, India and Brazil. Power-Packer develops, assembles and markets actuation systems for customers on a global basis including OEM’s and Tier 1’s in diverse end-markets. Power-Packer Europe is ISO/TS certified and has been granted many supplier awards. Renowned car and truck manufactures are among our regular customers.

Employees globally

Countries selling and manufacturing