Tebodin Netherlands B.V.

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Tebodin Netherlands B.V.

Tebodin Netherlands B.V. is established in 1945 in Den Haag. It has since then grown into an international operating consulting and engineering company. There are more than 4,900 employees across the global in nearly 50 projects. Our offices in The Netherlands are strategically located in The Netherlands allow us to provide best service and utmost attnetion to our customers.

We are able to integrate consulting and engineering solutions, professional project and construction management with an innovative solution.


Tebodin Netherlands B.V. (Vestiging Hengelo)
Jan Tinbergenstraat 101
P.O. Box 233
7550 AE Hengelo

T: +31(0)74 249 64 96
E: hengelo[at]tebodin.com


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