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Tyro Remotes

Tyro Remotes is a Dutch company established in 1995. We specialize in the development, production and selling of professional radiographic remote controls for different types of industrial applications for example, innovative design for pumps, winches, cranes, machinery, exceptional vehicles and etc. The three core competencies of our organization are: safety, quality and reliability. The proper, uninterrupted functioning of electronics is of paramount importance in the industrial sectors. Therefore, Tyro Remotes complies to all the European initiatives regarding product usage and development. The quality management system of Tyro Remotes is audited according EN ISO 9001. Quality is the basic platform of all activities of the Tyro Remotes company. We are very proud to have won WTC Twente Export Award in 2010.



Tyro Remotes (Hoofdvestiging)
Bedrijvenpark Twente 1-B
7602 KA Almelo

T: +31(0)546 588 790
E: info[at]tyroremotes.eu



Winner of the WTC Twente Export Award 2013

‘The winner of the WTC Twente Export Award has delivered a remarkable and inspirational achievement in the field of export and entrepreneurship. Ambition, insight and perseverance make Tyro Remotes an example for companies in the Twente region’, said Wijnand Weerdenburg, board member of the WTC Twente Business Club.


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