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Full-service office concept of international allure

Wherever in the world you come, the World Trade Center is a special place. This is where international businesses come together, in an unique building that meets high quality standards. From modern, light office space to meeting rooms and an extensive package of additional services.

Directly at Hengelo station and with quick access to the motorways, the Business Center of WTC Twente is an ideal location for your business, with connection to the global business world.

Your own office staring from € 490,- ex. VAT per month

World Trade Center Twente offers you a high degree of flexibility. Private office spaces can be rented per unit of 20 m² and you can easily expand or combine them with flexible workspots. Of course, your office space is equipped with the IT infrastructure that you can expect at this level.

Keeping an office in the World Trade Center Twente does not only mean a representative office environment between like-minded entrepreneurs and access to the worldwide WTC network, but also access to facilities in and around the building such as excellent air ventilation, meeting rooms, telephone services and parking spaces.


World Trade Center Twente offers space to a diversity of businesses. Hit the button and you will find an overview of all companies that are already established with us.