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The following companies are located at the World Trade Center Twente

Agenda PR and Marketing

Agenda is a specialist business-to-business PR and Marketing consultancy within international engineering markets and associated industries. Agenda PR provides clients with technical marketing communications expertise, translating their complex products and service offerings into impactful PR programmes, customer friendly literature, content and copy across a wide range of media platforms. As industry experts within this sector, we are proud that we work with clients who are all industry leaders within their respective fields of operation. Agenda PR has experience of working with clients in the UK, Netherlands, France, Norway and Portugal.

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AgriWatch Consulting

AgriWatch Consulting is formed as ITC/University of Twente Alumni start-up aimed at the development of geospatial innovative solutions and services for building and maintaining an Agricultural Information Management System. AgriWatch uses Remote Sensing data analysis, such as SpectroCam, hyperspectral sensors, thermal sensors, visual cameras, satellite Earth observation data, and ground-based sensors on a cost effective basis GIS data and/or knowledge platforms/vehicles such as Unmaned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or ground based vehicles such as tractors ICT and big data in farming.

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Alexandra Koch training & translation

Business German training and translation. In-company, one-to-one training and open entry courses. For all your German communications.

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Co-Flo Enterprise

Co-Flo Enterprise is a set of applications and robotic process automation mechanisms that allow your organisation to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies.
Co-Flo Enterprise has simple and powerful user interfaces allowing easy adoption and business improvements. It is a GDPR compliant system with full change tracking and audit reporting. Enterprise level security ensures your data and processes are always kept safe and confidential.
Co-Flo Enterprise’s flagship products include:

•  Legal-Flo – Smart Legal Document Assembly, Contract Management, Matter Management and Legal Process Automation
•  Co-Flo Enterprise RPA Engine – A process automation and workflow engine for all your BPM needs
•  Co-Flo Enterprise Employee Management – Automation of the entire joiner, mover and leaver process within large organisations

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Crolox develops

Crolox focuses on finding, developing and implementing web applications. Consultants and developers work intensively with clients and end users. In order to obtain specific substantive and market knowledge, Crolox has knowledge partners such as Twente University and specialized consultancies.

Database development and data analysis
– System integration (internet and intranet)
– Development of innovative web applications

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Education deserves better videos! We believe video is the cornerstone of 21st century education. Educational videos combine the expertise of the teacher with the power of images and they are also easily available online. This makes video a great educational resource. It is therefore our mission to give every teacher and student access to professional, effective and above all cool teaching videos.
For us, the content is just as important as the form. That is why we work closely with the teacher or content experts to convert their message into an effective video. And like that, together we make educational videos that really benefit the students and they will enjoy watching them. Because ultimately the student is the midpoint.

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Evers International Business Mediator

You want to be able to fully focus on your company. Conflicts cost time, money and energy. That is why you prefer to avoid conflicts. As a conflict advisor and mediator, we help companies to prevent conflicts and find future-oriented solutions, should nevertheless  a conflict arise. From our own experience as an entrepreneur and manager of (international) companies, we understand better than anyone which conflicts may arise, how they can be resolved and prevented efficiently and effectively and in a constructive manner.

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Gerritsen VAT Advice

Marion Gerritsen is a tax lawyer and specializes in VAT. She helps internationally oriented companies, real estate-related companies and non-profit organizations to optimize the VAT position. By explaining the complex VAT rules in a clear manner. This way you will avoid VAT risks and save VAT.

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Green Bio Power

  • Managing bio energy installations.
    Realization of turnkey bio energy installations
    Developing bio energy installations

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HX Agriculture

HX Agriculture, is a project development company for Agro parks in China. With our company in China (located in the Shanghai region) and 2 offices in the Netherlands, we focus on developing projects in which Agri- and Horticulture play a major role. HX Agriculture follows the newly implemented guidelines of Chinese government to develop Agro parks due to the growing middle class in China and the need for high-quality, clean, healthy fruit and vegetables. With high performance project management, feasible business cases, we cooperate with Dutch horti- and agricultural technology companies and connect with Chinese / Dutch investors. By forming alliances with multidisciplinary companies we strive implement the European standard for growing fruit and vegetables in China.

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Kong Inc. is the microservices API company. Kong makes securing, managing and orchestrating microservice APIs easier and faster than ever. It powers trillions of API transactions for technology companies, major banks, e-commerce innovators, and government agencies. We are best known as the creator and primary supporter of the Kong platform, the most widely adopted open-source Microservice API gateway. Our company focus encompasses technology innovation and customer success. Not only does Kong Inc. build a world-class platform for powering microservice API development, we enable customers to succeed in realizing maximum value from their microservice infrastructure with comprehensive services to deliver even higher levels of agility, security, and scale.

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Oost NL

Oost NL is the development company of East Netherlands. On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, we are strengthening the regional economy. We allow entrepreneurs to innovate, invest and internationalize faster.

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Pétanque NXT Smart Solutions

Pétanque NXT is your GPS for simplified digital transformation, starting with your processes. We believe in ethical Smart Tech that is considered, fit-for-purpose and keeps humans central in digitalization design. Our mission is to create SIMPLIFIED pathways to business transformations, regardless of your outcome. We’re here to create tomorrow’s businesses, today.

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Sustainable Durable Systems

At Sustainable Durable Systems B.V. (SDS) we strive for smart solutions to make society more sustainable. We focus on reducing energy consumption and healthy living conditions. We are the developer and supplier of the award-winning Roofclix® system. With Roofclix® we regulate the indoor climate of your building in a smart, easy and cost effective way. It saves energy, contributes to a sustainable environment and adds value to the living and working climate in a comfortable way.

As a network organization, we actively seek cooperation with other players in the field in order to obtain an integrated approach. Eg. with suppliers of solar panels because we can increase the gain or with insurers because we improve the fire safety of buildings.

With Roofclix we have already made more than 100 existing buildings more sustainable, such as offices, schools and sports halls.

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Visamet International

Visamet International is an European recruitment agency based in the Netherlands. We help individuals and groups find a job, and employers in their search for the great talent they need for the Dutch labor market. We offer highly skilled European staff for almost every field. We are mainly specialised in the technology sector and high-qualified professionals.

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At Webiteers we realise growth for B2B companies who are looking to grow (fast) but are struggling or lack the ability to get the desired results on their digital marketing and sales investments. We heavily specialise in traffic- and lead generation, client acquisition and customer engagement, by creating and spreading top notch content. This content is focused around the challenges and needs of target audiences and we deliver it at the right place at the right time. Through automation we help both marketing and sales departments get and handle more leads and sales in an efficient and scalable way. 

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Founded in 2014, XABLU is an enterprise mobile app development company with a 100% focus on Microsoft Xamarin technology. XABLU is a Xamarin Premier Consulting Partner and Visual Studio Alliance Partner with a proven track record of delivering business-critical apps to enterprises worldwide. With a team of 20 experts and counting, we offer Xamarin and .NET consultancy, co-sourcing of exceptional teams and agile app development, all with our signature friendly yet professional approach.

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YARP marketing services

YARP supports B2B companies that operate both within the Netherlands and internationally in translating strategic ambitions into an integrated customer-focused marketing approach. Matching the market and the company.

The power of today’s marketing is not in large budgets but in a smart mix of tactics, developed around company-specific goals and in the consistent implementation within the organization. Traditional media, online, product marketing, branding, PR, content marketing, SEO / SEM and internal communication are more than ever connected. Integral thinking: that is YARP. Broad view, strategic thinking and pragmatic approach: that is our strength. With focus on clear short-term goals, step by step contributing to the long-term vision.

Depending on the target group, organizational structure and ambitions, YARP helps companies to get more profit from their marketing by determining the most suitable mix of customized tactics. From sharpening a distinctive positioning to targeted projects and complete marketing communication plans.

Small pragmatic steps with impact!

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