International Trade Services

WTC Twente supports companies to succeed in global market

Open up new market overseas

WTC Twente supports companies doing business overseas by proposing market research, country specific analysis, pro-active search for potential business partners, events, trade missions, coaching and training. We work closely with various national and international business partners from different sectors. This includes the 10 WTC branches in The Netherlands and more than 300 WTC establishments under World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). This extensive global network  allows us to give a  tailored market insight for your business and maximize your business potential in national and international  trade.


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What services do we provide?

Market Analysis Reports

Thanks to our worldwide business network. Our specific analysis is made according to your business needs. It covers detailed sectors or customer segments on top of  country, industry and consumer forecasts.

Trade missions

WTC Twente organizes incoming and outgoing trade missions with the cooperation through our mutual collaboration and partnership  with other World Trade Centers across the globe. Delegations may include (international) businesses, representatives of governmental organisations and experts from science and research field.