About Motion Imager

We are a Deep Science & Engineering led ODM & Cloud based OEM Company. We design, develop, manufacture and supply optics based on-field premise high- speed Motion Visioning tools to digitalize Apparel manufacturing factory & Apparel retailing outlets super-connected and super- Intelligent, with zero retrofitting in their operating technologies, people and non-invasive manner and creating Digital Twins.

Our tools are in form of connected edge computational camera and quasi-connected wireless screen tools in conjunction with cloud platform. This makes the Apparel industry to realise:

  • Autonomous automation & Imaging assisted supervision,
  • Surface and subsurface feature extractions,
  • Real-time Design and specification conformance testing, while in- line Engineering and merchandising.
  • Diagnostication & Prognostication with maximum accuracy and reliability.
  • Enables full transparency, with scientific explanation and real-time control of failure and rejection.
  • Real-time automated Apparel Tagging & Labelling.

This information is otherwise not detectable due to human spatial resolution limitations and motion induced blindness.

We enable in converting the current, non- sustainable linear economy in clothing & fashion product life cycle to a close looped circular economy.


What we do

Our in-house Research and Engineering capability lies in Software- Hardware Co-development, with Opto-Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) facility to manufacture and supply fully packed software and hardware defined Deep object vision learning Opto-Electronic based Computational Photography System, which we call featurer. We also work on Nanomaterials of compound semiconductor class in making original electronic active and passive devices and integrated together to form a hybrid flexible electronic system with our In-house manufacturing method of Roll to Roll Fabrication facility for wireless Manifold tensor display screen on a Printed Electronic circuit, that works on being activated with FEATUTER. The edge -on premise devices FEATUTER and TENSOR DISPLAY SCREEN – are connected over the wireless internet with our cloud hosted Cyber Physical Kanban platform that enables automatic information flow at micro event level across the Apparel value chain . The whole packaged is supplied to our customers, who are the Apparel Original Brand manufacturer and Apparel Multi-Brand retailer on Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) model in the form of license & pay as you use basis.


Our Ambition

Motion Imager wants to extend the advantage and reliability of a vertically integrated PAAS company, like us, through our tools to enable circular & sustainable economy in Apparel Product life cycle by –

Þ Zero waste design and manufacturing

Þ Advanced apparel manufacturing and engineering accuracies and quality adherence,

Þ Closed loop Sales Forecasting and Dynamic Pricing,

Þ Apparel Fit Score Personalisation,

Þ Item level Traceability and Tracking.

We want Twente region to be Motion Imager’s R&D Centre of Excellence HQ location, with global export manufacturing & supply facility for our on-premise FEATUTER and Mini Display Screen, being managed from a Network operation Centre located in Twente. We plan to setup our production grade Hosted Cloud primary Datacentre in Twente location, generating huge amount of highly interacting digital service related image and video traffic originating and terminating from across the globe.


Why we chose World Trade Center Twente

As it is said, with the ambition & innovation of a start-up like us, the success and failure to a large extent depends on the capability foundation and access to various resources. We humbly acknowledge and after lot of factorising, we found, Twente region can provide us support and care from family of like-minded and catalysing ecosystem of partners in the supplier companies, knowledge providers, quality of digital Infrastructure and governmental policies. We have a partner in Twente and WTC Twente is a natural choice for our short term and long-term need. We aiming to be having a global presence, access to your wide network of offices across multiple countries can and will come useful in our journey ahead. We strongly believe you all can introduce us to a large luminaries from Industry & academia who visits and participates in various forums and clubs , necessitating mutual benefits.

Visit our website: www.motionimager.com 

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